GLASSBUD CONSTRUCTION is a modern, dynamically developing company.

We build with passion

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The vision of the founder of GBC was to build a significant brand on the construction services market in Poland through development ensuring always the highest quality of projects, as well as awareness of responsibility for the surrounding environment and care for the development of staff, whose work translates directly into the company’s achievements.

GBC’s business is to develop projects for the private and public sectors, including all types of construction-related services with the highest degree of expertise in earthworks. Having our own reliable machine park guarantees that GBC is well organized, precise and on-time.

GBC’s history is more than a decade of sustainability and responsiveness to the current market situation while maintaining the highest standards:

2005Michał Koseła, CEO of the company, starts his business activity on the market of general construction services under the name GLASS-BUD.
2009The market situation, the increase in orders and the growing needs of the clients lead the founder to expand the structure and scope of his activity by establishing new companies in the construction, investment and development sectors. As a result, in 2009 GLASSBUD CONSTRUCTION Sp. z o.o. was established, specializing in the general constructing of buildings.
2011In order to improve the quality and accuracy of the projects undertaken, at the turn of 2010 and 2011, there are carried out extensive investments related to the machine park and technologies used to provide the best and most technologically advanced tools in the construction industry.
2013As a result of extensive development of the machinery park and a very high demand for the rental of good quality heavy construction equipment as well as in order to maintain the possibility of proper management of the machinery park service system, a new entity PRIMA EQUIMPENT & INSURANCE Ltd. is established, which in its statutory activities also begins professional services for the insurance market.
DzisiajToday, the company's activity is mainly the work of several dozen well-tested and successful employees representing both construction, engineering and management staff supported by the most modern technologies in construction and knowledge gained during numerous classes, workshops, and trainings.

The key advantage in the implementation of ambitious tasks always within the budget and usually before the deadline is the modernized, state-of-the-art and very well managed fleet of machinery and equipment built on the basis of over a decade of extensive market experience in each configuration of the construction process implementation service throughout the country. For private and public investors. National and international.

We provide our customers with advice on the selection of optimal solutions. During implementation, we try to select the most modern technologies. The highest quality and satisfaction of our customers is also our top priority.